Components of ice hockey equipment and construction of ice hockey field

July 6, 2019
Ice hockey Equipment

The ice hockey pitch must meet special dimensions and has special points; lines and zones, there are international differences between the standard hockey equipment and Ice hockey Equipment .

Ice hockey is a fast and very physical sport. Also, there is the danger of being hit by a puck, which can be extremely painful, but also dangerous. For this reason, the players wear certain hockey equipment. Find out about the components of the hockey equipment and take a look at the field.


Special and well-defined protective equipment is therefore mandatory in ice hockey. It is for the sole purpose of protecting the health of the players. All players of both teams must wear the prescribed equipment.

Ice hockey Equipment

The Goalies carry special goalie equipment, which differs in some points. The club jersey is worn over the protective gear so that the teams can be visually identified. It is mandatory for all players and is required to wear protective equipment throughout the game. In the case of infringement, the referee may impose a penalty for the “incorrect equipment,” usually in the form of a two-minute reference.

The equipment of the field players

The field players need

  • Skates
  • A bat and
  • A helmet.

This helmet is available with visor and grille, whereby the player can decide for him whether he wants to wear a visor. In the German leagues, however, the half visor is mandatory. Female players must wear a grille; the renunciation is not allowed.

Thermal underwear is worn under the equipment to prevent it from cooling down.

  • Ruff
  • Chest protector
  • Elbow protection

Leg protection extends from the knee to the tibia. Also, the jersey still neck and pants are worn. Thick gloves not only protect the joints when falling but also prevent cuts caused by the sharp runners.

The equipment of the goalkeeper

The goalkeeper wears in addition to the neck brace special laryngeal protection and a breastplate.

His gloves are different: he wears a catching glove and a stick glove. Also, his racket differs from the field player: He leads a specially curved goalie racket, who is also called goalie trowel.

Also, the goalkeeper, as the fielder also, with

  • Leg protectors
  • Thermo underwear
  • Support
  • Shirt
  • Skates and
  • The trousers fitted.

A special helmet is, of course, mandatory.

The playing field

The hockey field is visually divided into several areas, which are marked by colored lines and dots. For the layman, the functions of the areas usually do not open up during the game. That’s why we would like to explain it easily and understandably.

Dimensions of the playing field

Regularly there is a hockey playing field from a rectangular ice surface. It is exactly

  • 61 meters long and
  • 30 meters wide.

Their corners are gently rounded. The whole field is limited by a gang, which is exactly 1.20 meters high. It is made of sturdy hard plastic or wood and must be able to withstand some impulses during the game.

To protect the audience, a high protective glass pane is placed on the band, which hinders the puck in high shots to fly into the audience. In some stages, the protective glass pane has also been replaced by safety nets. Behind the gates is also a high, wide and thin-meshed safety net attached.