Discount Buffalo Hunt Special: It’s not as costly as you may think!

November 8, 2019

Among the community of American hunters, we often hear a rumor that an African hunting safari is a sport for the affluent people mainly, which is very unfortunate, and it’s only an urban myth that’s far from true. In reality, Africa can offer you one of the most affordable bargains that you’d ever find in the entire world of hunting. Today in this article, we will talk about Discount Buffalo Hunt Special in the African continent, so stay tuned with us.


There’s no doubt that some of the safaris can be costly depending on what you want to hunt and in which part of Africa. If you’re going to hunt lions, they are usually available in such remote areas that are hard to reach, and it will be expensive to supply camps in those places. You also need a permit to hunt there, which is very limited. If you want an elephant and Antilope, then also it will be expensive. However, apart from the few cases as mentioned above, African hunting safari can be very pocket-friendly that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, which includes buffalo hunting. Check our site for discount buffalo hunt special package, and explore a whole new world of hunting.

How much an African buffalo hunting safari can cost

It was more than two decades ago when I went for my first African safari in Kenya. The airfare was a little less than $3000 at that time. Nowadays, you can fly to the African continent from most of the international airport in the USA, and back for the precisely same price, and often you’d pay even a few hundred bucks less if you look for discount offers.

Once you reach there, we will take care of the rest. The way most of the African hunting safaris are conducted is pretty straightforward – they charge you a daily rate plus a separate trophy fee. If it’s a plain game safari, it can vary a little, but you can assume an average range of three hundred to four hundred dollars every day.  Buffalo safaris cost a little bit more, it can go up to $450 per day. As you see, there’s nothing complicated in terms of cost – just calculate based on how many hunting days you want and the daily rate, and that’s it.

In most cases, African safaris charge as per “pay as you go,” meaning you’d pay the trophy fee only for the game actually taken or lost or wounded. You’ll be presented with a price chart for various animals so that you can decide to which one you want to shoot. If you see a species expensive, simply don’t shoot it and you won’t have to pay for that. Popular games like smaller antelope and impala would typically set you back for couple hundred bucks. Larger ones, like zebra, hartebeest would averagely cost you around five hundred dollars. Ones those are extremely demanded like waterbuck, and gemsbok generally starts from five hundred and can go up to a thousand dollars. And species like Buffalo would start from a grand.