Finer Methods for the best Air Conditioning Options

January 23, 2020
Explosion Proof Air Conditioner

Air conditioners differ from each other in cooling capacity. A rough estimate of the required cooling capacity of the air conditioner is 1 kW per 10 square meters. Do not forget that the choice of the device is also affected by the specifics of the room. The one that is suitable for an apartment will not be suitable for creating a cozy atmosphere in a cafe. For the Explosion Proof Air Conditioner you need the best deal now.

Varieties of air conditioners

Wall split system, multi-split system, window, mobile, cassette and console air conditioners. A window is the cheapest option, a wall-mounted split system is characterized by its noiselessness, mobile – compact size and ease of installation.


An air conditioner passes a certain amount of air through itself in an hour. The greater the air performance, the faster the air conditioner will provide a comfortable climate. However, if the performance is unreasonably high, this can lead to excessive consumption of electricity.

Noise level

Manufacturers are required to indicate minimum and maximum noise levels. If you want to install air conditioning in the bedroom, study, nursery, pay attention to this option.

Explosion Proof Air Conditioner

Additional functions

The main function of the air conditioner is to cool the room. Some models also have heating and air purification functions.

Disadvantages of air conditioners

  • Air conditioners can cause serious harm to health and are even sometimes contraindicated for indoor use.
  • Buying, installing, servicing, periodically changing filters, and most importantly – high electricity consumption cost a pretty penny.
  • The time of using the air conditioner, even with the heating function, and not just the cooling function, has a rigid frame and is limited. For most of the year, he remains out of work.
  • Often leads to colds. Especially in the summer, when fleeing from the heat, it is turned on at maximum power, directing air flows directly to itself.
  • If you do not change the filters in a timely manner and do not clean, then many negative substances accumulate inside the air conditioner dust, germs, viruses, and dirt.

After spending a day under the influence of cold air, a maximum of two starts to get a sore throat, a runny nose and other cold symptoms will appear.

If you knew how often almost half of the buyers are mistaken. And how much time is spent explaining to each of them about the current state of affairs? In order to save time for buyers and sellers, to avoid the typical mistakes of choice, we offer you specially prepared information designed to solve these problems.

The first myth: “The air conditioner draws in air from the outside and then blows it into the room already clean.”

It is not true. In the split system, the only freon moves – in a closed cycle, as in a refrigerator. Moreover, with complete insulation, in order to avoid refrigerant leakage. Leakage of freon leads to disruption of the operating functions of the air conditioner, up to its breakdown. Therefore, the air-conditioned room needs to be aired from time to time (up to 30 minutes every 2-4 hours) or not to close the window.

The second myth: “If the air conditioner works, then you cannot open the windows”

Of course, this is not so. If the room is not ventilated, then the content of carbon dioxide and other gases from human life can become hazardous to health. Therefore, open the windows, and the more often the better. Remember only that the more warm air gets into the room from the street, the more electricity your split system will consume to make the temperature comfortable. Here it is already necessary to choose the right power of the air conditioner, and it will certainly cope.