How to Run an Efficiency Evaluation as a Project Manager

September 21, 2019
Alex Jenkins

Many project managers fear to offer efficiency evaluations as much as they fear to provide discussions. Why is that? Well, much of our time in project management is invested building and nurturing relationships to get things done, so when we have to offer an efficiency evaluation, it can be really uneasy to assess the efficiency of relied on the employee, whether we are providing excellent or problem. To that end, I wish to share 5 actions you can carry out in your next efficiency evaluation to accomplish greater results. When I think about efficiency evaluations I consider sports, because sports staff member collaborates for the same outcome, to win. Like Alex Jenkins an IT Manager is also responsible for the proper working of an organization.

What is efficiency evaluation?

Not to be circular, however if you Google efficiency evaluation, it’s an evaluation of efficiency. We can do a little much better than that. If you think of the outcome you intend to attain on your project, then that is the objective. Basically, your objective is to pursue results and deliverables, and you require the employee to carry out to get those things done. You choose an individual’s function and the deliverables they are accountable for; the evaluation is a regular check to assess the efficiency and see how they are doing and what support they need to finish the job.

What are the advantages?

The first advantage of the efficiency evaluation is much better results. People like to know you are there to support them. The advantages are both concrete and intangible.

There are 5 actions to this procedure: specifying the efficiency evaluation, preparing, performing, writing and after that interacting the results of the efficiency evaluation. Let’s simplify.


An efficiency evaluation needs to be officially recorded because it’s concurred upon, really particular and quantifiable. People need to know what is anticipated of them. We are to specify the function they are playing, clearly. How are you going to determine to see how are they doing? Do we always determine? We determine how quickly our kids are growing. We determine how quick we are at swimming, cycling or running. We use metrics in our everyday life, so incomparable style, set metrics to determine an individual’s activities against the results you are attempting to accomplish. Benefit habits when objectives are satisfied and support when they are not being fulfilled.

Alex Jenkins


The efficiency arrangement becomes part of the preparation, where you take a seat and agree in the starting to use it as your standard. You collect results, possibly by asking the individual that you are examining to offer you results. Ask, “How are you doing? Show me your deliverables.” Pull any type of metrics that you can use so that you have truths.

Carrying out

When you take a seat and carry out the evaluation it’s crucial to make certain the individual is relaxed. They are one of your group members. If somebody fidgets and upset or protective right off the bat it will not result in great results. Let that individual know you are there to support them and to discuss deliverables and results, not assault them as an individual. Be really considerate and simply take a look at the important things you concurred upon. Take a look at where they need to be, and where they really are. Look at what things you need to put in place in order to meet those objectives, and talk about those next actions.