Make subscribers and make money in this Digital Platform

August 8, 2020
more views on youtube

YouTube is a famous social media and video sharing platform. Next to the Google search engine, this is the largest online platform. It is used by two categories of users. Video creators are the people who have YouTube channels for them and upload videos in it. Another type of user is video viewers who were the boom to you tubers. As these viewers watch videos and interact with the channels, YouTubers can get increased subscriber count. Troll channels are getting more views on youtube

A person with access to an internet or mobile phone or laptop or computer connection can see youtube videos and can share their views with everyone. Anyone with an internet connection can use youtube either you are an individual looking for creative things or the head of the organization with a huge budget for the advertisement campaign. The user-level varies from younger to older aged peoples. Moreover, the younger generation peoples are using it in a wider range for their entertainment, educational purposes. Entertainment purposes include watching movies, listening to kinds of music, and so on. Almost all the countries are having access to youtube and nearly fifty different languages are available. As it is fully controlled by Google, you need to create a google account to open youtube. Once you open youtube on your mobile, you can search and view the content you wish.

more views on youtube

Be a creator – the world is yours

Now let us discuss how to start watching videos on youtube. Initially, navigate to the official website of youtube to download the youtube app on your mobile or computer. It will show many suggested videos and recommend videos by analyzing your watchlist. There are numerous benefits to creating and using youtube. You can subscribe to your favorite channels by which you can easily get updates of the latest videos posted by them. Once a new video was uploaded by a channel subscribed by you, you will receive notifications from the channels. A lot of options are available on youtube for watching a video such as a library, downloads, watchlist, and liked videos. A subscriber can support their favorite creator by liking and commenting on their videos.

When a video gets live-streamed, you can also interact with your favorite creator online. Videos can be saved to watch later. An individual can create their playlist either public or private. You can modify your user setting by changing notification, playback, and privacy options. Once you search for a particular topic you can view all the related videos of the topic posted. There are various methods available to browse videos by using a keyword search or using the voice recognition technique. Youtube is the best tool for students also. They can clarify their doubt in the subjects by watching the related videos. An individual has the right to like or dislike a video based on their views. You can share a youtube video to any other social media. Simply clicking the button will help you to share the videos. You can also copy and paste the video link anywhere you need. Currently, thousands and thousands of YouTubers are uploading videos regularly. It is the best platform to get famous and earn huge money in a short period.