Perfect Options for the Best Yoga Teachers

October 30, 2019
yoga teacher training in rishikesh

On various resources devoted to yoga, you often see announcements of all kinds of outreach courses and seminars you are invited to India, then to Crimea. Is this somehow related to training, such as at your Center? The yoga teacher training in rishikesh happens to be perfect now.

The best trainers, the elite teach at our teacher training courses. And we consciously position the training center as a place for high-quality training of yoga teachers. At the same time, no one, even novice trainers, is prohibited from conducting on-site lessons. If they have their own audience, they often combine relaxation with group activities. Somewhere in nature, it is in a good place. This is common.

And how many people want to become yoga teachers?

The quantity is growing. A yoga teacher today is a socially acceptable profession. Not like before but we are conducting a very strict selection, unfortunately, very many candidates, even worthy ones, cannot take the course. We have limit two or three courses of no more than 40 people, for three years of study, many are eliminated. But then really the best ones reach the release.

How many graduates of each course are you ready to take to work for yourself?

Basically, everyone who comes to graduation becomes very decent coaches, teachers. But it is better to choose the most-most and there is a maximum of 3-5 people per course.

What about ordinary yoga enthusiasts? Are there more of them every year? Definitely yes. In this country, yoga has become very fashionable, at every step schools, studios. Find a place and a group for classes no problem. Of course, this cannot but rejoice.

yoga teacher training in rishikesh

Well, when this trend will decline, what do you think?

It seems to me that popularity will last a few more years, and then random people will begin to fall off. It is natural. But yoga is not going anywhere. Such as it was 20 years ago, when you just starting to teach, and yoga was almost underground, there will never be more. The world has changed.

Give, perhaps a hundred, advice on how to stay positive every day? Of course, yoga is great for these purposes. You can’t just focus on exercises. Tune in to the good, try to see not only the material side of life, believe in the unusual. Do you think that the physical component in yoga is less important than the spiritual?

The question is in balance. For example, school differs from many areas of yoga precisely in its practicality, sharpened in complexes of exercises, and mandatory physical development of a person. We do not sing mantras and do not meditate for hours with music and incense except occasionally, the essence of our activities is not that.

But to deny the importance of the spiritual component, and not even in yoga, but in the whole human life, is simply stupid. It is a pity for those who are too material, a pity for all who are unhappy. wish them all to find something that will make them happier and better.

Strange things are happening these days. While young people rejected most of the old ideas, and even the ideas of the recent past, many of them rushed to the knowledge of ancient yogic traditions. The number of people practicing yoga is increasing in all age groups, but its study is especially attractive to young people.