Perfect Skincare Solutions for You

September 12, 2019

Is your skin upset soon? Do you suffer from spots, pimples, redness and bumps? Skin that does not look good can easily cause uncertainty. Do you also want to wake up every morning with radiant skin? Then try the following tips. You address skin problems with the following 3 skincare tips with the CTFO usages.

Less stress

You can buy as many creams and products for the skin as possible, but when you are under pressure and a lot of pests, these remedies have no use at all. Did you know that your hormone balance has a major impact on your skin? When you have a lot of stress, you confuse your hormone balance. Bad skin may result. With one expressed in acne and with the other in dry skin. Try to find your relaxation to keep your skin radiantly soft. A perfect way of relaxation is for example a face mask. This way you immediately tackle both attempts. You can relax with a face mask and nourish your skin immediately.

Natural products


Avoid chemicals when you suffer from skin problems. You tackle skin problems by going back to basics. Choose natural products that you can apply to the skin. Natural oils can be a panacea for the skin. Coconut oil is natural oil that stimulates both wounds (by pimples) and heals the skin extra. There are plenty of brands on the market that offer natural facial care. Preferably choose a product that also contains vitamin E. This vitamin has a particularly powerful effect on the skin.

The above skincare tips ensure that you too can enjoy radiant skin. The recipe is not always in a jar, it also has to do with your lifestyle. Reduce your stress and ensure proper hydration for radiant skin.

Summer is by far the most favorite season of the year because of the warm weather, the long, sunny days and the endless holiday feeling. Protect yourself and your family sufficiently against the sun and be aware of the dangers of (too much) UV radiation.


  • Avoid sun exposure between 12:00 and 16:00.
  • Apply sun protection before getting into the sun.
  • Reapply regularly to maintain protection, especially after swimming, after you have dried off or when you are sweating heavily.
  • Using a sun product is no argument for staying in the sun longer than is good for your skin type.
  • Too long, too regular or too intense sun exposure increases the risk of skin damage. Do not allow babies and young children to get directly into the sun or as little as possible.
  • Examine your skin regularly for skin abnormalities (especially for suspicious moles).
  • Give your skin sufficient attention even in the summer.

What is important here?


Regular scrubbing with a tailor-made product (see our advice for each product) is the best way to make the skin shine and to obtain and maintain a beautiful even-tan complexion. Moisturizing creams and after-suns can also do their job better.


  • Do you have sensitive skin, suffer from acne or couperose? Then try our unique peeling gel. The mud peel, orange peel or peeling mask is very suitable for all other skin types. Don’t forget your lips.


  • Gives extra attention to your feet, elbows and knees during scrubbing. In the summer the soles of the feet often have a hard time. Walking barefoot and wearing open shoes ensure that the skin produces more calluses.


Do not go directly into the sun after scrubbing, as the skin will be extra sensitive.

Never scrub when your skin is burned; wait until the skin has calmed and healed. The aloe vera gel cools and soothes the skin and is therefore an ideal after sun, even for the little ones.

In addition to a cream with SPF, always use a sun hat and sunglasses when you go in the sun and stay in the shade as much as possible.