Replacement Apple watch leather bands: Prettier looks with a fraction of price

April 22, 2019
apple watch leather band

There is no doubt that Apple makes some incredible gadgets, I give that to them. But pricing is one department Apple never fails to surprise us. Apple watch, when it was launched for the first time, was a revolutionary gadget just like the iPhone – and today, when a swarm of smartwatches available in the consumer electronics market, Apple watch still stands tall with its functionality and quality. But that doesn’t allow Apple to consider its loyal customers as cash cows which can be milked till their last drop whenever they enter through the door of an Apple store, does it? Even some Apple fanboys, whom I know personally, scratch their head wondering what makes Apple think that they can sell this bands for apple watch with a whopping starting price of $140? We are still in dark exactly which animal leather Apple use to make those straps because Apple didn’t say anything about it yet. However, unless they are made of the skin of a dinosaur, I’m just not convinced of such pricing.

Fortunately, just like those Apple fanboys, you too can replace the straps of your favorite Apple watch and buy some stunning leather or leather-like bands from the third-party manufacturer – just for a fraction of cost.

Apple watch leather bands

best apple watch bands

If you’re reading this far, then you surely want to know more about those replacement leather bands manufactured by third parties. You don’t have to look anywhere else, in fact, we make some awesomely designed leather bands just for people like you, disgusted by Apple’s pricing strategy! We normally sell these replacement Apple watch bands for more, but today’s your lucky day – you can get your hands on these gorgeous straps for 50% less than our normal price. Crazy pricing, right?

And did I mention that this discount is valid for all sizes, no matter you buy the 38mm variant or 42mm one? And to make the deal even sweeter, you don’t have to pay the shipping charge for any order within North America region.

What made our bands unique from original Apple leather bands is the fact that these bands actually look like original leather due to the added roughness and special leather treatment, unlike original Apple straps which look smooth and lack the rugged character of the leather. Don’t just go by our words, head to Amazon and see the amazing rating of 4.2 out of 5 given by 600+ users in their review.

However, you will see some reviews in Amazon where users reported that leather is being peeled off within a couple of months, and one user reported that metal clips got broken within just a few days. You shouldn’t let these reviews keep you from trying these stunning pieces of work. People often handle things very roughly which can lead to such defects. Having said that, we have got your back with our 100% replacement guarantee in case of any such occurrence.

Reminder for 4 series owners

Now, if you’ve already decided to buy one for you (you should, if you haven’t yet, cause this discount is ending soon) – keep one thing in mind. If you got the series 4 of Apple watch, then you must buy the 38mm band for your 40mm watch and 42 mm band the 44mm version.