Smartest Options with the Right Remote Desktop Connection

November 18, 2019

You probably already know what a remote access is. Today, it’s likely that most computer-related problems can be solved by simply searching Google. However, we can’t always find the answer and solution to every question. This is where the help of a third party is most welcome, whether you are a professional or even a friend who has advanced computer skills. From you can have a proper option available now.

Fortunately, some versions of Microsoft’s operating system offer the ability to enable remote access, which allows the computer to be viewed remotely by another user. Below are steps to set up remote access in Windows. Please note that this feature is not available for Starter, Home Basic, and Home Premium versions of Windows 7.

Accessing Advanced Settings

Type sysdm.cpl in the start menu search box and hit Enter to access advanced system settings. You can also right-click on the “My Computer” icon and select the “Properties” option, or use the command to open this window by combining the “Windows + Pause OR Break” keys.

Enabling the computer to receive remote access

  • Click on the “Change Settings” button
  • Then click on “System Properties”
  • Then click on the “Remote” tab
  • Check “Allow remote assistance connections to this computer.”

You will see “Remote Desktop” a little lower, and then check the third option: Allow connections only from computers running Network Level Authentication Remote Desktop more secure.

Ready: Your computer is configured to receive remote access.

Note: If you are unaware of the software that the other user is using to remote access, check the second option. This option should be deselected as soon as remote access is terminated as it makes the security of your data more vulnerable.

Activating Remote Desktop Connection

If you need to teach a friend how to access your computer remotely, the procedure is even simpler. Just type Remote Desktop Connection in the search box on the start menu, hit enters or clicks on the icon. Then you can find the computer you want to access by its name or IP address.

Have you ever heard of remote access?

Knowing what remote access is and how this technology can help your business processes is essential today. In the age of digital transformation in which we live, the logic of the market is constantly changing. With its considerable advances, it quickly causes changes in industry and commerce within the relationships between technicians, managers and customers. Remote access is one such innovation that enables devices that do not have a physical connection to share data. This feature is gaining more space in the market by providing several advantages for the venture.

It allows contact between professionals, clients, managers and stakeholders, without the impediments of distance. If you want to better understand what help remote access offers and how to leverage it in your management.

What is remote access?

First, it is important that you understand exactly what remote access is to understand tips. Remote access is a feature that lets you access a computer or device from anywhere remotely. This is something we can compare with the remote control of electronic devices, for example. Even though you are at a certain distance from the device in question, you can still have control over it.