Steps to switch off your AC for Winter

December 8, 2020
Explosion Proof HVAC

With temperatures still hovering within the ’70s, there’s a really sensible probability you’re still victimization your cooling system. Pretty presently, however, you’ll cross-check the coming prognosis and be able to flip your AC off permanently in favour of your Explosion Proof HVAC .

That makes currently the proper time to schedule heating maintenance if you haven’t done this already, and you’ll prepare for that straight away by giving our team a decision. we offer tune-ups for a large variety of heating systems!

Explosion Proof HVAC

But before you begin victimization your heater full-time, we wish you to require one vital step–turn off your cooling system till next spring! And this isn’t as easy as simply flipping off a switch. browse on as we tend to walk you thru a way to try this.

Preparing Your cooling system for the Off-Season

The first step in making ready your cooling system for the off-season is physically turning it off. however, we tend to don’t simply mean switch it from “cooling mode” to “heating mode” on the thermostat. After all, there’s an opportunity that the thermostat may cause the AC system to cycle in short throughout a brief wave, which may lead to ice and water obtaining sucked into the unit. movement it off at the unit reduces the prospect of electrocution and practical issues with the system. there’s an outdoor circuit to the condenser unit, that is typically underneath a flip lid. You’ll wish to open this lid and switch the system to “off.”

The next step is to clean up the condenser unit. you would possibly get to wash it down to get rid of dirt and dirt. Clear the realm around this unit of leaves, branches, sticks, and the other detritus. you would like the condenser to be totally clean before reaching to consecutive step.

After cleanup the condenser and giving it a while to dry (typically some hours, to forestall corrosion), you’ll wish to position a water-resistant cowl over it. you’ll obtain these covers comparatively inexpensively at an ironmongery shop. or else, you’ll use a canvass bound down with ropes or rope cords. You’ll wish to create positive it can’t be blown off the unit throughout inclement weather. This cowl can defend your outside unit from accumulating wet and detritus that fall and season bring.

Taking these precautions can make sure that your AC system is in good condition for once spring rolls around once more next year. You’ll still wish to schedule maintenance for your cooling system, however, it won’t sustain any extra injury over the winter. And bear in mind to shut that switch back on! You don’t wish to panic once you visit switch to cooling mode on your thermostat and your system doesn’t pop out.

If you would like any facilitate movement down your system or wish to deal with repair wants before you are doing (always an honest plan), please don’t hesitate to succeed in resolute our team.

As the temperature starts to climb, the demand for a good cooling answer has additionally gone up. we tend to have confidence in our air-con system to stay our home cool and cosy. Your AC system needs regular maintenance to operate expeditiously.