The best Options in Immigration and the Issues to Be Solved

July 25, 2019
immigration lawyer in london

Mediation services of various immigration lawyers cost a lot of money. A huge number of people who want to immigrate turn to intermediaries, sometimes without thinking that most of them do not work officially. In this article, we will look at recommendations for choosing an immigration lawyer. Let’s start by saying that you just need to be clearly aware. The smartest immigration lawyer in london can help you out there.

immigration lawyer in london

The Process to Follow

First, you need to know that in order to successfully complete the immigration process, you do not need to resort to the services of third-party organizations, firms, and other intermediaries.

Secondly, you should understand that even using the services of well-known law firms; you will not get any special attitude to your business. Despite the fact that intermediaries often state the opposite, this postulate is easily provable. The fact is that your immigration case throughout the entire process is considered by various immigration officers and offices that are geographically located not only in different cities and provinces of London, but also in other countries. Dozens of documents pass through the hands of each individual official a day, and they are guided exclusively by clearly developed instructions and rules. It is absolutely impossible to influence the whole chain of people in this process.

Thirdly, in any case, you will have to independently interview an immigration officer if this is provided for by the program. Of course, you will be prepared, but you will still have to go through yourself. In addition, you will have to prepare some documents, such as certificates of good conduct, reference letters from work, etc., yourself.

If you do decide to use the services of intermediaries, then you need to know that this activity is governed by law. The immigration office will not communicate with the intermediary if it is not accredited with the relevant organizations and does not have a special license. A list of federal, territorial and provincial regulatory agencies is available on the official Immigration Office website.

In the process of immigration, you will need to fill out a special form in which you indicate the data of the immigration mediator if you decide to use these services. Accordingly, if the mediator does not have a license, the Immigration Office will not communicate with him, and you may have unnecessary questions. Of course, domestic immigration intermediaries most often have a kind of safety net in London some officially working lawyer with a license.


In what legal area do you need the help of a lawyer? Lawyers are free to deal with any matter in the legal field. However, most law firms focus on specific areas of legal knowledge in which they develop professional skills. For example, some legal areas where lawyers specialize are criminal law, labor law, immigration laws, business law, real estate laws, and so on.


Check in advance if the lawyer has some experience in the legal area you need. You can find this information in a lawyer’s biography, usually on his website, or simply ask him what legal area he specializes in.

From the above, a simple conclusion follows that the majority of immigration lawyers who are working do not have a license and, accordingly, cannot represent your interests before the Immigration Office.