The Finer Limits of App Development Now

October 26, 2019
app developer business

The performance of a mobile app is one of those things that we don’t value very much until something goes wrong. And people are not happy when the app does not load, is slow to use, does not provide the information that the user wants or uses up too much battery of the device. In the app developer business this is important now.

app developer business

To make your app work more smoothly, you need to design it carefully and you may need to give up some things to privilege others. For example, is an app that takes up memory space with offline functionality really better than another that needs an internet connection to work? Is it worth it to make a modern interface if the speed slows on devices with low processing capacity? Can you have both if you also create a light version of the app for more modest devices or slower networks?

Real-world testing

While you and the development team are building the functionality of your app, be sure to take the time to test it under realistic conditions.

First, install the app on the simplest devices available to the public. Then interact with them as if you were a regular user and write down any failures, no matter how minor. It’s also interesting to leave the app open for a while, as it may slow down over time.

Now get out of the office. Go to some public places and see how it works with different connections. Ask others to test and give feedback on performance and usability. You might even be able to set up a small test lab in some public space and offer giveaways like a coffee or a t-shirt in exchange for user ratings.

At such times, services like Firebase Test Lab for Android are a hand in hand, offering deep testing and full reporting. Even after launch, it’s important to keep testing your app and looking for opportunities to implement improvements.

Thinking globally by giving up unnecessary functionality and testing your app in the real world, you can make it more useful and appealing to an even wider range of users. After all, the more people can use it, the greater its success.

Nowadays any well-placed company has direct contact with the internet. Thanks to faster communication, ignoring this means wasting a great opportunity. As such, it is seen that the deployment of enterprise-owned applications has grown significantly. This growth is related to the relevance that an application can bring in the generation of results and consolidation in the market since following the technology ensures a good relationship with the public.

Keep up with technology

The use of mobile applications is increasingly common, and at the beginning the application was seen as a luxury of some large organizations, serving only as something superfluous.

However, according to IBGE data, the number of active mobile devices in Brazil exceeds 220 million, since the population contains 209.5 million according to the latest survey. With this, being present in the mobile scope has become a business need, where direct contact with competitors can open doors for new opportunities.

In the present scenario, it is correct to say that such technology is necessary and indispensable. Developing your own application is an advantageous, secure and smart corporate strategy.