Whether Cleaning is the best way to fight dangerous diseases?

July 13, 2021
rug washing

Nowadays we are facing a lot of crises due to this pandemic time due to the corona outbreak. We have learned to be unitedly separated. We are overcoming these abnormal conditions in certain new normal ways. We have lost thousands of people in the war against corona. And most importantly we understood the preciousness of oxygen, beds, Remdesivir, paracetamol, and so on. More than a year has been passed in our homes. Still, we haven’t returned to our routine. Fortunately, we have made the vaccine. At present we are using the vaccines as a weapon against corona. Be safe while going out for our most essential work. Make precautions before cloth washing, rug washing , and so on. Wear a mask this is the most important task. Prioritize to sanitize your hands. Most important thing is to wear a mask properly by covering both your nose and mouth. Maintain social distancing. At present social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and clubhouse are governing us today. Don’t refuse to take the vaccine because it is the only way to eradicate corona. Not only these measures but also there are one more important safety measures that are cleaning. keeping the environment clean, our belongings clean is also very essential to overcome viral infection.

rug washing

Floor cleaning precaution measures to avoid affecting by the diseases

Cleaning the floor frequently will help to assure the family’s health. Because everyone in the home is using the floor for walking, sitting, sleeping, playing and so on. So, we need to be more conscious of maintaining the floor clean. Cleaning the floor with water is enough to get rid of stains. But the use of only water is not enough to fight the germs and of course the deadliest viruses too. So, we want to use disinfectants to kill or destroy germs. We want to use disinfectants along with water to mop the floor. Clean the rug often to make sure that everything is safe.

Cleaning the clothes attention needed

While cleaning the clothes which means washing the clothes, we should be more aware and safer. Because the dresses are in direct contact with our body. If one of the family members has a mild attack of the deadly disease it may pave the way to cause infection to the clothes washer too. So, the washer wants to wear gloves and a mask while handling clothes. After washing all the clothes, the dress washer must take bath.

If you went out, take a bath to ensure the safer health path

In this pandemic time, we are getting out or stepping out of homes for various needs and reasons. We are wearing a mask just to avoid the hazardous virus which means coronavirus in into our nose or mouth. Still, we are prone to the virus because it may be clanged in different places of the body. So, after returning home make a shower which means a bath to escape from the virus. Because you may be the transmitter for those deadly coronaviruses. Take care. Be safe. Maintain yourself clean. Maintain your surroundings clean and hygienic. Let’s make a bio bubble for our society.