Your Pergect Choice for the Right Immigration Lawyer

August 25, 2019
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A lawyer is not a magician, he cannot solve a case that is unsolvable. If you are told no to a paid consultation, then it is better to stop. The immigration solicitors london can explain the whole thing perfectly.

immigration solicitors london

Usually, lawyers have no intermediaries, no manager on the phone. A lawyer always takes one on one, without an intermediary. It is the same person who received you should conduct the business and not another person.

Which lawyer to choose?

If you do not understand which lawyer to choose, then you can say exactly HOW you do not need to choose. Often clients use completely inappropriate approaches and try to choose according to the following principles:

  1. The client is looking for a free specialist and the funny thing is that he finds him, but it turns out that the services are not free at all and you will have to pay well and not to a lawyer, it’s not clear to anyone.
  2. The client creates an “auction”. He calls up the lawyers and asks how much his services cost and chooses the cheapest. Choosing a price is a rather useless approach; you should not do so. Sometimes it comes to the ridiculous, and when, when several lawyers are sitting nearby, then periodically the same person with the same questions calls everyone in turn and promises everyone to come to him and call back.
  3. They try to solve the problem for free on the Internet or by phone usually without an in-person consultation it is impossible to say something without examining documents and talking. Remotely choose a lawyer or even ask him to do something (to get acquainted with a case in court, for example), it is useless to ask no one will go about your case without a contract and free of charge.
  4. The client thinks that he is always right. If you trust the lawyer, then forget about this statement, the lawyer is independent in his judgment and your opinion should not be important to him because he is the lawyer and not you, and it is better to refrain from advising.

Some clients adhere to a position in communication with a lawyer, especially younger ones, that they know everything better than a lawyer and they know everything from “forums”, “friends”, colleagues, former investigators, court employees, and they already go to a specialist with 100 % confidence in their affairs. This is a stupid approach – which simply casts doubt on the competence of the lawyer, if you and the lawyer have no trust, you should not work with him. Do not try to prove your point of view to the lawyer; if you need a specialist, it means – you doubt your case.

  1. The search for a lawyer who claims that he has an “exit” to the court and that he will “decide” everything, you just need to “give it up”. Usually this is either a fraud or a crime and no one will solve anything, especially if the case is obvious and unambiguous
  2. Clients are looking for a large office, usually a large office is a law firm (not a lawyer) and because of this, it is not clear who runs the client’s business.