10 ways to get the best deal on your stay

February 14, 2019
B&B Roma

Nothing is that easy, even booking a hotel for the lowest price too. The same deal for a person may not work for another person as the hotel booking is not consistent and changes with time and location. Though the internet is a good place to start for, there are other ways too to get the best deal on a hotel.

Good timing of travel:

Just knowing the market and how B&B Roma room rentals vary lets one book a great deal on stay. There are several comparison sites telling which deals are worthwhile can also be visited. Some packages come cheaper rather booking hotels, flight and car rental separately. And finally, popular times is not advised to visit where prices always at its peak with no deals.

Get notified on Price drops:

The notifications by a few websites can be relied upon rather always keeping watch on prices of hotels. The hotel does the work for you in finding the best deal and sending a notification to your mail. Don’t worry, without flooding your inbox.


Many times, booking a hotel just before a day of travel would be profitable than booking it so early. But choosing the right time here gets a good deal like Sundays, Mondays, and right after any holidays.

Unreserved travel:

Travel without reservation sometimes works positively to get the best deal in hotel booking. Several websites like also help to book a hotel on the fly.

Visit local tourist offices:

An old fashioned travel gives excitement and gives good accommodation that is right for you at the right prices. It depends on the place of visit. Tourist offices give good services of room in same-day rooms.

B&B Roma

Travel Reward points:

Using coupons and travel reward points gives the best deal of hotel booking on a few selected websites. Websites have special coupon codes entirely for travellers in various destinations. Previous travel reward points accumulated can be used for best deals in a few websites.

Reach out hotel directly:

Before booking  online , just calling up hotel sometimes give us extra benefits like free wifi, lounges, spa etc… without any advance booking. There will not be any third party service charges levied on booking.

Rooms at New hotels:

New hotels usually have the best deals to attract customers. They also like to give discounts on our special days or occasions. It is good always to mention those days to avail upgrade benefits. There may be new or small hotels not available on search site. But when called them, they offer good discounts. Though it will not allow advance booking, a walk in would do a great deal.

Referring friends:

Big hotels offer special discounts for the guests who bring business to them. Each referral would earn up to 10000 to 50000 reward point or cash directly which can be used in our next travel.

Offers on Credit cards:

Additional benefits can be provided upon usage of our credit cards. Few credit cards benefit travellers alone. One card of such kind in the pocket would save a lot of money on travel.