Apartment Renovation At Its Best Take

July 18, 2019
rénovation maison

When a company faces a restructuring it realizes the technical systems according to market standards that today are outdated. In the bathrooms, for example, the toilet is flushed to the floor and at a certain distance from the wall to house the vase with a rucksack box. You do not intervene in time, therefore, no hidden box on the wall and no suspended sanitary ware whose drains are on the wall, where the support brackets are also housed. This distraction can weigh not only in terms of taste, but also in terms of practicality because the suspended or otherwise wall-mounted bathroom fixtures allow you to recover up to 15 cm of space which, in a small bathroom, make the difference. This is what it takes for the rénovation maison .

Finishes and wall coverings

Among the jobs affecting the renovation, the finishing of the walls is the one that is most often left out, convinced that you can decide at the last minute and have what you like best. Obviously this is not always the case, since to apply certain finishes it is necessary to prepare the substrate specifically.

rénovation maison

It is also necessary to know that if you want to cover a wall with stone or other materials it is useless to finish it to prepare it for coloring. So, by deciding on time, you avoid facing unnecessary spending. In the same way, if you intend to finish a surface with decorative, material paintings, but it is feared that the costs will rise, talking about it with your gobbler you could be pleasantly surprised.

When you do the work in a dated apartment, you often face walls that have been refreshed several times over the years with paintings of a different nature or on which even wallpapers with glues that still persist on the surface have been attached.

To make these walls sturdy, flat and ready to receive color, it is necessary to intervene with procedures that have a cost. This does not happen on the new walls that, if properly made, can be decorated in a more imaginative and artistic way at an expense equal to or less than a standard treatment. If you wish to have special walls, do not give up before having consulted a professional applicator who, evaluating wall by wall, will be able to satisfy you while respecting your budget.

The furnishings

Finally we take care of the last step of a renovation: the furniture. Furniture is by nature the easiest elements to manage but often it happens that a piece passes from father to son, with a clear emotional value, and you don’t want to give it up. If we already know that an old and capacious belief will come to live with us or that the old piano that no one plays anymore will follow us, don’t think in time where to place them can be a problem.

In fact, in addition to being beautiful and having a value, period furniture is also generous in size and you can find yourself in the situation where you are forced to put them where they physically enter. This means that they are hidden from view and cover electrical sockets or appliqués with consequent discomfort.