Art and love are the same things

July 20, 2020
art jamming team building

Paint is a very very beautiful art and it gives much more money to do that job and it helps to earn some more money to do that painting job. The painting job is very rare so you do that job you’re going to to some good position and you earn more money to do that job. And it is not like some other job so you don’t panic and don’t .irritating to do that job it’s very very simple to do that job only and it’s something special to do other works and jobs so do you do that job immediately. And painting is not a job it like an entertainment art jamming team building and very jolly to do that work. Work is a workshop you that cosmic meaningful proverb it’s a very very correct proverb and you know art and love are the same things. To compare our life so you do some artworks and many add jobs also. And the art is very long life is very short every people say this proverb because is most added in this artistic life and art world. so people don’t avoid this .and every thinks in the world has art and paintings.

art jamming team building


  • In some wall that has an art painting, in some bag it has a design that was an art, in any place to go in the world you see that artistic and very very natural and very very fantastic and may very fabulous . and all jobs you have some arts in their job example engineering that type of art it means engineering means what contract a building you first draw plants for contract many contracts. painting is the colorful very artful one in the world is main art in nature is the nature able word in the world and art is very very beautiful and it’s a practice of life and add many colors and many paintings and its mainly do this paintbrush and it’s the main ones in the paintings and many works in this painting work and paintings are many types like color full paintings colorless paint, solid paint, and more different kinds of painting is available so do painting job Is the better ones in the world in thought.
  • And many world-famous paintings are in there in India example the most famous one Mona Lisa and the other one Picasso paintings and art and it’s the most famous painting is this and another famous painter is Leonardo da Vinci is the best painter also you can him you study about him in eight standard and tenth standard class in the modern world. Everyone makes a beautiful called and makes art and paintings so don’t lose paintings and arts. Arts makes a worlds beauty and everything has magic in this world and no one can replace it completely and the worlds beauty is completely in the artist and the famous painter’s hands-only no one can be replaced and no think can be taken underhand in anyone and painting and many types are availed in there drawing, photograph, painting, dance, cooking, video audio, pottery, and everything makes art and horticulture. And many types are available. And the art is main and the very most important one is the artist they take brush in his hands and make a perfect and very very beautiful art and paintings in his hands.