Benefits of using Ball Valves for Oil and Gas Industry

August 4, 2019
ball valves

Most Reliable Fluid Shutoff Valve

It is one of the most used fluid shutoff valves that is a big hit in the industry to upstream oil and gas production. It is easy to install, quick in opening and closing where there is a great need for isolating pipes when throttling is not possible with minimal pressure drop. The ball valves are usually spherical with a cylindrical hole that in in-line of the pipeline to regulate the flow of natural gas, oil, and other corrosive fluids. It works with the rotation of shaft mounted on 90 degrees to the cylindrical hole. It is one piece instrument that is manufactured in the form of one-piece, two-piece, three-piece, and top entry.  It is commonly used in small diameters both onshore and offshore for fluid shutoff in upstream oil and gas production facilities. It is easy to use and requires less maintenance to regulate the high pressure, high volume, and flow of fluid within the pipeline at a fixed temperature. It offers user-friendly access to seats when required fixing. It is thus due to the above reasons mentioned as the most reliable and cost-effective fluid shutoff valve that is commonly used in industries and residential purposes.

ball valves

Few Benefits of this Valve:

Although there are different kinds of valves available in the market, many oil and gas industry, prefer to install this valve as it is easy to use and requires no lubrication and less maintenance. In that this valve is a very cost-effective yet powerful device to regulate the flow of air, gas, fluids through a pipeline that works with shutoff mechanism.

It is designed in spherical shape allows the user to quickly access and isolation of upstream oil and gas production that controls the pressure drop as well. It will enable all the chemicals, water, oil, and other corrosive fluids to pass through the pipeline with a shaft that is mounted at 90 degrees to the cylindrical hole within the pipe.

Leverage to use this valve that is made up of excellent quality metallic’s whose seat is extremely durable as it is made up of soft materials such as Teflon and plastic. Thus the user can get rid of its lubrication process and less maintenance when operational at the temperature when low at 200 deg C and high at 500 deg C.

Thus due to its tight-sealing feature and low torque, it is mainly used for the free flow of air, gas, oil, and other liquids that are corrosive even though it lacks the throttling properties.  Get your kind of valve that fits right to your budget that works best for isolation such as trunnion-mounted type valves, fully welded pipes, and float valves.


Explore the manufacturer and supplier of this valve that offers a complete solution and best support to all the verticals of oil and gas industry at the time when exploring upstream, refining downstream and production to midstream transmission regulating the high pressure, volume, and flow of fluids. Benefit its turn and off mechanism, which makes it the most commonly used valve across the globe that is reliable, cost-effective, and ideal choice for oil and gas applications.