Boon of Real Estate

August 13, 2020
Parc Clematis

In the world, there are many developed countries, and they are economically stable. There is a lot of business which are involved in raising the economic level of the country. Real estate business plays a significant role in all over the world. With the help of this business, more states have become more affluent. Likewise, Singapore is also involved to a greater extent in this business. Before world war, most of the country become normal after 50 years, but the country made it wrong and came to healthy and economically more stable in just 20 years. For this growth, the real estate field has played an important role. In this business SingHavi group also involved in making a profit. Currently, they are on the eve of launching their fourth project in real estate with the company name asĀ Parc Clematis . This new launch takes place at Clementi. It is a university town in Singapore. This location was allocated since there are significant educational institutions nearby. Sir Cecil Clementi was the high commissioner of that area; after his death, people named it as Clementi. After increasing the building count in Singapore, this area also has grown more extensive, and it became the eighth most significant town in the country. It also has one identity that each house is different from others, and all homes are unique. Many people come to this town from other various parts of the country to occupy a place here.

Parc Clematis

Clementi Features

Clementi town is surrounded by essential shops, malls, cinema complexes, etc. In Singapore, this area only has separate food taste and also have all types of restaurants like vintages restaurant to a first-class seafood restaurant. The feeling of the food is also tasty and different from other areas, and the cost is meager when compared to others. The significant advantage of this area is nature. The City is surrounded by full of parks, trees, and natural ambiance. Families get easily attached to this location, and children feel good to enjoy the day in outer space. It is also an excellent place for investment because there are many large numbers of educational institutions. Not only high school and university, but it also has the most first rated elementary school in Japan in this area alone. So the people are more guaranteed for children’s education and its future. For businesses, on the other hand, it also has a vast scope of work in this location. Many companies are drifted from different places and located in this area to increase development. In this area, there are many researcher centers that are shifting because there more natural resources discovered in and around the City. Research centers like science and engineering hub fusion polis, biomedical research hub bipolar, etc. The transport facilities are quick and easy to travel to other places all over the country. Major transport facilities like railways, airports, and connecting highways are very close to this area. The major MPT railway stations are in walkable distance from here. From this area, we can travel to any place or City from public transport in a short period. The population also is less and more environmental pollution also less while compared to other cities in Singapore. In recent years, this City was more popular and most secure in Singapore, and the crime rate is also low while compared to other cities. These are the significant advantage for the City so that only Parc Clematis launch its project for people’s happiness.