Finer Biometric Solutions for You Now

February 9, 2020
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The use of biometric technology can be even more interesting. After all, investing in a solution that helps with sales, employee management and cash management can make a difference in your financial health. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to improve your business, using the biometric reader in your store may be the best option. Want to know why? So, follow your reading. The use of the Telephone Voice and Data Cabling is essential there now.

What is a biometric reader?

The biometric reader is a device that uses the measurement and analysis of attributes of the human body, unique to each individual, to identify it. Its identification algorithm has a high precision index, being even adopted in the banking system. In addition, they are easy to install, integrating with company devices via a USB port.

There are biometric readers of various types, such as those that compare patterns present in the retinas and those of facial reading. However, the most common is the fingerprint recognition, as it is the simplest and most cost-effective alternative, without losing reliability and agility.

In the retail trade, this technology opens up opportunities for new ways of operating cashiers, adding efficiency and security to processes. Two applications are the most common for the biometric reader in a store. In the following topic, we will discuss them.

How to use a biometric reader in your store?

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The management of retail trade is quite complex. At the same time that it is necessary to increase the volume of sales, this increase in business brings needs that need to be addressed. Generally, those responsible end up hiring more employees or demanding more from current ones. However, this generates an increase in payroll costs not always a viable option – or worsens the work environment, creating conflicts with the team. Thus, investing in technology may be the best way to achieve sustainable growth. So check out the possible applications of a biometric reader for your store below.

Authorizations for cashier operations

The requirement for supervisor or manager approvals for some cashier operations, such as granting discounts or canceling items, is quite common. However, in many cases, the operators themselves authorize these transactions, sharing passwords or cards with their superiors, to save time and not harm customers.

But that makes the process less secure and more susceptible to failure. To solve this situation, the biometric reader can be used as an alternative to the card or password, making the authorization more agile. In addition, it requires the presence and knowledge of the person responsible for the release of the transaction.

Customer base

It is possible to use biometrics to create a loyalty program. It is enough to register the customer’s fingerprints in a first purchase so that, later, he identifies himself by the biometric reader instead of presenting a card or providing the number of a personal document. Thus, there is no expense on making loyalty cards, which in addition to being expensive, are difficult to accept by consumers, who often forget to carry them.

Also, the indication of the CPF number in notes and tax coupons, if this option exists in the state or municipality of the company, can also be automated by reading the fingerprint. And there is no need to worry about purchasing different equipment: the same reader can be used to identify consumers and supervisors at cashiers.