Finer Options for the best BMW Repairing Now

September 21, 2019
BMW Greensboro

Have a question about car care? Send in space for comments. The selected questions will be answered in future columns. With the BMW Greensboro repair you can have the best deal.

Be wary of what is very cheap

Attention with low prices and great discounts on the franchise: Bodywork and painting services require quality materials, manual skill and a lot of practice.

Good professionals charge for quality. And, unlike other services, poorly done bodywork and painting sometimes only comes with time: the varnish begins to peel, the paint becomes stained, and rework is inevitable.

Are you tinker or a painter?

Hardly a single employee will handle it, and well, of all services

The vast majority of workshops have a defined structure, with administrative staff and repair technicians. In this branch of activity the figure of “does not do everything”, especially in the basic functions: bodywork or painting.

BMW Greensboro

There are exceptions where an employee is good at both services, but usually, each requires an expert.

Hammer or body shop?

Hammer only serves when the ink has not been taken and is for minor repair

As the hammer service is cheaper than the body shop, sometimes the customer goes to the workshop and wants to solve everything with the first. But if the ink came out, there’s no talk: it’s a body shop. Hammer, or gold hammer, is a technique that was born in car factories to remove small wrinkles where there was no paint removal.

There is even a course to teach the technique and the tools used are specific: this is a very delicate job, it takes hundreds of beats to correct the dent, so it is only done in small areas. If the workshop offers the service, it is probably because it actually has a trained technician: it is difficult for anyone to take a risk because they will not be able to “fool” into such a thorough service. There are workshops that do not have an expert but outsource this service.

Scouring is not always good

If a paint stroke is not the case for a hammer, one that resulted in a cut in the plate or major damage is neither the case nor a bodywork. The employee will probably offer to exchange the part.

Evaluate the situation: unscrewing is suitable for minor repairs, such as the famous “scrapes”. Understand that any rework of sheet metal (crushing, heating, tinning) causes changes in the structural strength of the sheet. It becomes less malleable, more rigid, and over time and car use can result in permanent deformation.

  • For workshops that have MIG welding (see photo), this problem is minimized as the welding calorie is concentrated in a small area, preserving the structure of the plate.
  • In the case of bumpers, however, rework is a more economical option, especially for imported vehicles where the price of parts is up to ten times higher than the value of rework.
  • If you choose a new part at the end of the service, ask to see the old part.

Refurbished Part

The subject is controversial. If we think about sustainability, it’s okay to use a refurbished part. As long as the service is well-executed, the result will be satisfactory. However, if we think that a part of this market is illegally supplied, accepting parts from other cars creates some discomfort.