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March 15, 2020
Atlanta GA realtor

Please note, if your problem is a hidden defect, the fact that you were not accompanied by an inspector should not harm your cause. It is not considered negligence unless the buyer notices something fishy circles around the ceiling, for example, and does not investigate further. After all, the pre-purchase inspector doesn’t have X-ray eyes either. From the Atlanta GA realtor you can have the best choices.

The Hidden Effects

Because of hidden defects, the civil code protects from elements that prudent and diligent buyers cannot detect without having recourse to an expert. In addition to repair, damages may be demanded if it proves bad faith prior to knowledge of the problem. Take the example of a roofing problem. If the court rules that there is a hidden defect, that the roof costs $ 20,000 to replace and that it is already 10 years old. Experts agree that we should expect 20 years of useful life. The court will be able to award half of the sum given the years that have passed, concretely illustrates the lawyer. He also recalls that in order to preserve his hidden defect right, there is an obligation to report the discovered defect without delay.

Besides the hidden defect, we can also end up in court for a question of workmanship. In this case, there is no need to demonstrate seriousness or urgency. A simple nonconformity in construction is enough. On the other hand, the deadline for reacting is much more limited than 1 year.

New Home Buyers

Basically, there are many options for buyers of new homes that are facing a problem after receiving their home. But the watchword remains prudent and vigilance. The question arises: what are the extras that are worth an additional investment when buying a new condo?

Christian and his spouse fictitious name but real cases buy their first condominium directly from the developer. We know that the decorative elements provided in the basic price will be minimal. At the stage of choosing them, we ask ourselves what are the extras that would add value to our unity, expresses Christian. The young couple plans to occupy this condominium for two years and then rent or sell it. It is, therefore, for them, an investment. To answer their question, we consulted three experts. Here are their tips.

High-end finishes for countertops and kitchen cabinets

Atlanta GA realtor

The kitchen is the room that will get the wow from buyers, the one that exerts the greatest influence in their choice, whether it is a condominium, a house or a chalet, expert strongly recommends replacing the laminate counter, which is often the basic option offered by builders, with stone, granite or quartz, for example. Choose natural tones and discreet patterns.

You have to take into account the value of the unit, however, founding owner of Home Staging, adding that granite and marble are not necessarily required in an apartment less than $ 200,000 but that they are essential in that of $ 300,000 and more.

As for cabinet finishes, the three specialists say that it is not necessary to invest in wooden cabinets while insisting on the added value that good quality and thermoplastics add to replace simple melamine low end which is often the one included in the manufacturer’s base price. If the choice of styles and colors is almost infinite today, they all say that the Shaker style, a classic that has no age, is a wise choice because it does not go out of fashion.