How to create your own terrarium?

August 9, 2020
Terrarium Workshop

If you are interest in gardening but your lack of the space to create your own garden then terrarium gardening is what you need. You can do your terrarium by yourself. Terrariums are noting but mini gardens that are pretty fun to create and they are also a great way is adding a good look to your indoor space. Adding to being enjoyable and also decorative, terrariums are also quite easy to create and care and they are superbly beautified. It will add an aesthetic look to your home. Terrarium Workshop is conducted everywhere to give you a clear understanding of terrarium gardening. It is also easy to make a terrarium yourself. And also small terrarium gardens are considered to be the best decore element that brings the outdoors to the inside and creates a unique gifting idea also. Before you start with your own terrarium garden, you should be wondering what is actually a terrarium?

What is a Terrarium?

Terrarium Workshop

A terrarium is nothing but a small collection of well decorative plants that are accustomed to growing in a confined environment. terrarium containers are mostly glass that is they are mostly transparent and also provide a wide hollow opening that allows the gardener to have easy access to the plants that are planted inside. The best part about this terrarium garden which you can do it yourself is that it makes it kind of unique home decor and it will attract more people. This article completely covers everything you need to know in order to set up your own terrarium garden. We have given you all from the definition of the garden and the tools and materials you need from scratch and also the inspiration you need to start on making your own terrarium garden. We are sure that you will enjoy the process of creating your own miniature garden. First, we have to make sure that we have the required supplies ready to get started.

DIY Terrarium Supplies

  • Glass Vessel – You will need any sort of a glass vessel. People also use heavy plastic to create a terrarium but going with a transparent glass will make your terrarium garden loo better. There are many unique containers that you can choose to make the terrarium a good one. You should just make sure that the vessel you are choosing to plant your plants fro a terrarium garden is a transparent material so that you can really enjoy creating your own miniature garden.
  • Small Stones or Pebbles – Include some small pebbles or stones that can be used as a base element for your terrarium. This mini pebbles will act as water drainage for the root of the plants and it will make sure that the excess amount of water does not stay put in the soil and cause rot.
  • Activated Charcoal – You will not need much of the activated charcoal. You can just use a thin layer of the activated charcoal that can be used to keep the water really fresh and that helps to fight the bacteria growth in the terrarium.