Ideas for the kitchen back wall – glass, metal, and tiles, wood

July 24, 2019

Grease splash, washing-up water, sharp-edged pot lid a kitchen back wall has to endure a lot in everyday life and be wipeable. No matter how good a meal may have tasted, weeks later you do not want to see it in the form of stains on the wall. A back wall of glass, metal, tiles or more often even wood which serves as a splash guard, makes it easier to keep wall surfaces clean. Moreover, the kitchen back wall is an important element in the design of the kitchen. You can visit for the best result.

Very classic: tiles as kitchen back wall

Until a few years ago, the classic tile mirror was the means of choice as splash protection in the kitchen. This meant the narrow tile strip at the height and in the length of the worktop. Not infrequently filled the tile mirror with a maximum height of 60 cm only the open space between the kitchen worktop and the wall cabinets. The advantage of tiles: on them, it is much easier to wipe off grease, water or impurities than on a painted wall. On the other hand, the joints, which can become gray or even dirty over the years, are more difficult. When it comes to mechanical stress, tiles in turn convince: they usually forgive collisions with pot edges without any problems.

However, the high phase of the classic tiled mirror is over. For new kitchens, which like to put on casual, open shelves instead of on wall cabinets, this form of kitchen back walls disappears more and more often. In the place of the narrow kitchen mirror then, whose surface is often higher than 60 cm or even reaches the actual work area to the ceiling or floor.

Also today more is played with format sizes. The well-known tile square is passé. Most tiles are rectangular today. Also like large format which gives kitchens a modern look. Especially popular are so-called metro tiles or subway tiles. These are glazed rectangular tiles which, with their high-gloss appearance, are reminiscent of tiles from subway stations in London or Paris. Depending on the design, they give the wall a modern or nostalgic appearance and are suitable for both a minimalist interior design style and a country kitchen.

Back walls made of glass and Plexiglas

In addition to tiles, it is another popular form, the kitchen niche over the entire surface with glass to dress. The advantage of the glass rear wall: joints are eliminated – thus the surface can always be completely cleaned. Thanks to the continuous surface, the area is also more generous. Your kitchen breathes optically almost through.

The appearance of a glass rear wall ranges from frosted glass to clear glass, which is additionally backed with a foil or print. This way, even photo-typical motifs can be brought to the kitchen. Especially when renovating the kitchen, glass kitchen splash-backs are ideal, as they can simply be mounted on an existing tile mirror. For this purpose, the customized glass panes are glued either by silicone or more elegantly attached to the wall by means of cup screws. This even succeeds in own work.