Is a Mediator is necessary for a Family?

February 23, 2020
Family Mediation

To this present generation, the family is made up of a mother, father and two children. This is the only thing which they know about the family. But in 1950s the family described as many structures of relationships stay together in the same house. They share their love, affection, sadness altogether. So at that people understand the real meaning of family. They know to share things with others, and these people express their feelings for each other. This allows them to learn discipline, respect, love and children who are grown up with such areas and families, they become more mature and hate to be alone.

Family Mediation

Children of today’s generation do not know the real meaning of family. But they have crossed the words like Family Mediation s, divorce, separation, and hatred. This is our next generation is growing up and we are the reasons this stage has started happening. At that period, people started using the word Nuclear family, which means a mother and father and their children in a family, this is called a family. The actual reason for the formation of this nuclear family is to avoid disputes, fights, misunderstandings, unnecessary arguments in the joint family.

Nuclear Family:

Joint family causes so many problems like privacy disturbances, confusions and so on. That is acceptable. When there are so many people in a family, one may not like others’ opinions or decisions so it causes some family problems, but even in the relationship of the newly married couples, we can able to see so many disputes. The reason is that couples of this modern age fail to understand what life is. It is not something to use and throw it like a tissue paper. It is something that is united with love, care and affection. It cannot be thrown like a glass, once it gets broken, it is hard to replace.

Marriage is a beautiful thing that is created to develop a good understanding of men and women. It is all about getting into the mind that both of them should help one and another and to love each other extremely and stand together till they get old though there are different flaws between them. But this new generation couples misunderstand the theory of marriage as we can see so many divorce cases in the court. Though it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage, the motive of it is the same. No differences among them.


Disputes, quarrels happen in all relationship but we ourselves should try to sort it out within a day. If you allow a third person to sort out your problems then it will get bigger and bigger as a balloon grows into big when someone blows. These fights may come and go, but love for each other should be stable. Nowadays, these family mediation services are available which is completely new to hear, these services help us to take steps to reunite us with our family members or our couple again. According to me, this thing is abruptly an unnecessary thing as it only breaks the heart of people. When a family cannot make a reunion by themselves, then who else can do it? It is absolutely a rubbish idea but followed by these modern men.