Logical and Technological Theft has become a Trend

March 11, 2020
Matthew Berdyck

Email Stalking:

Cyberstalking is always a problem that grows on the internet. In this modern world, everything is based on the internet. People work and use social media so it is easy for hackers or criminals to hack all the details of them. It is very shocking to know that these people stalk the emails which are more dangerous to the people.  Email stalking is one of the very hazardous things in the cyberstalking. This thing makes people fear as it threatens them. This is a frequent problem faced by people. If you are facing these problems then you should take immediate action.

Matthew Berdyck

Matthew Berdyck is the owner of an independent journal. Mostly, cyberstalking starts with the email. These hackers always send mail; if you reply to them then it is the first step for them to hack your system and to know your details. It is also considered as harassment. It is wrong when you spy a person directly or indirectly. This cyberstalker has an eye on the electronic devices because only from such things they can hack whatever they want from the victim. Social networking paves a clear way for such hackers to collect the details of the person so easily.

Social Media:

We all know that social media such as Twitter and Facebook has been used by many of the people all over the world. Since the day the internet came into people’s lives, everything has become online. It is easy for anyone to create a profile in such social media, it is so easy to spy anyone and it is also possible to create a fake profile. Even it is possible to change our identity in these social media. From this, people come to know the information of others without knowing them.

Hackers use to hack other people’s accounts only through email or online accounts. It is one of the easiest ways to know the personal and official details about the persons. Once they get into these things, these hackers would unlock all the applications and would also read the conversations of the individual. It is also possible for them to use their accounts without their knowledge. People who are affected can also take complaints about their problems with the government. These stalkers aim to spoil the reputation of the victims. People call it as illegal one as it gets all the personal things of them.

Technical Theft:

Victim’s social, personal, and family life can be destroyed in these ways. It is a kind of threat, and also a theft of someone’s id proofs, or child abuse. The images can be taken by them, the contacts may be misused by them, and these are the problems made by the cyberstalkers. These are things can be done on the internet without knowing the other person. Like theft, it is considered to be as technical theft which is also a blunder mistake. People who have extreme knowledge of technology can be well-versed in hacking and cyberstalking. So you have to take care of your information. You should know what to keep secret and what to share is quite an important one. You should never share your details with anyone as it is a basic thing.