Perfect Solutions to the Laser Quest

July 7, 2020
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The position of the body with the laser tag is a determining factor to succeed in making the most points possible while receiving a minimum of blows. Thus, if you play in profile, your opponents will have access only to the sensor located at the front of your pistol and that of a shoulder. Only, this position is a double-edged sword since if an enemy arrives from the side, he can easily reach a large part of your sensors positioned on your vest. To win the laser game, you obviously have to adopt a position that will allow you to move quickly and efficiently. Go for the best laser quest singapore now.

Laser game targets

You can also try to play by leaning forward. Real soldiers do this during missions in unknown areas to be the most discreet. In this way, your height will be reduced and your belly concealed. So you can easily hide behind an enemy and take it by surprise. But stay on your guard, because an opponent can have you from behind.

There you have all the keys to winning the laser game. During your next game, think about playing a character with a very specific function and above all: communicate with your teammates. So, if you are in among others, KIP opens the doors of its leisure center where you can challenge yourself with friends during a laser ball game or of laser tag.

Want to have a Laser Game session with friends?

Perhaps you were invited to a birthday or bachelor party? If you don’t know which outfit is the most appropriate and how to dress for a Laser Game, experts tells you all about the ideal outfit for laser tag. Knowing what to wear is good but you also need to know where to go to play and where to find the best indoor laser game center with the best laser guns: discover a selection of the best Laser game leisure centers in your location.

Avoid white

The Laser Game, Laser quest, or laser tag, it depends is a game that takes place in a dark arena but it is also an exciting labyrinth with ambient lights that tend to bring out white clothes and therefore to generate a simpler identification. The goal is to avoid getting hit by your opponents. It is much more judicious to dress in black to be as discreet as possible.

Laser Game Outfit: Come relaxed

Even if it is a question of having fun, the Laser Game is a very sporting activity that requires a lot of movement within the labyrinth. Better to be comfortable in your outfit to focus on the opponent. So opt for pants, jogging or jeans in which one is comfortable rather than a slim or even a dress.

Do not dress too warmly

A part can be exhausting and be compared to a real physical effort, which reinforces the fact of being quickly hot. Yes, by dint of running everywhere, jumping, or even getting down, you will very quickly get out of breath and have the impression of playing sports. In addition, by dint of avoiding fire and carrying the laser gun although it is light, you will probably tire a minimum.

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So, to avoid thinking only of taking a shower, come in light clothes. Thus, you will have the mind entirely dedicated to the game to defeat the opponent and enjoy the adrenaline.