Psychotherapy and the Results That You Can Expect

November 10, 2019
miglior psicoterapeuta catania

What are the great styles of therapists? Which psychotherapy to choose? And how does a psychiatrist work? In fact, both are very closely related. Then discover without delay the 4 main styles of shrinks that populate our cities and our countryside. They can be psychologists, psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, psychotherapist or simple therapists and often work hard to accompany their patients towards a better being. Oh, and just one more thing, if you’re looking for a psychiatrist, there’s a little surprise at the end. The miglior psicoterapeuta catania helps you a lot now.

miglior psicoterapeuta catania

The Best Options

In the meantime, note that a new generation of psy nose. These “integrative” psychiatrists bring fresh blood to the accompanying offer. It includes combining approaches and creating new models of psychotherapy, more and more effective. We will, of course, discuss all of this over this article. The interest of an article on psychology and psychotherapy.

This article will be useful if:

  • you are looking for a shrink, and you are afraid of falling on something that does not suit you
  • you have already experienced some type of psych (or psychotherapy) and want to try something else
  • Finally, you want to know more about these different types of psychotherapy and psy styles

How to find a therapist? How to choose a therapy?

Basically and schematically, you will encounter four ways to position yourself (attitudes + method) in a psychiatrist. They come from the main currents in psychology and psychotherapy. These types of positions are valid for any type of professional (whether psychologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist or even psychoanalyst).

Note, however, that there are more ways to work in some occupations than in others. To clearly distinguish the different professions of the psychological sphere, it is here.

Here are the exclusive 4 main approaches used by different types of shrink. To make this a little fun, we decided to present them in a fun way (which is also a good means of mnemonic). Discover the great styles of psy with the four faithful companions of the human being that are:

  • the Basset;
  • the German Shepherd
  • Jack Russel
  • Labrador

You will quickly understand.

The psychologist “in withdrawal”, centered on “the causes” (the unconscious)

If we had to compare it to one of our faithful companions, we would say the Basset. Lying at the end of the courtyard, he remains in his corner, discreet. Behind his indifferent air, he is actually attentive to what you say and shows up at times.

It is the psychologist, psychotherapist, psychoanalyst or psychiatrist, who remains “very neutral” and lets you speak without intervening (or very little).

The psychologist who practices psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a bit like the good old Basset. In some cases, it remains very quiet. It is from him that comes the good old cliche of the psychiatrist who remains in his chair without saying anything with “hum hum”.It responds as little as possible to the questions you ask yourself and is not focused on solving specific problems. This type of psychiatrist therefore rarely gives advice. These are the essential matters that you will need to keep in mind and come up with something very important. These are the essentials for you and so you have to be sure of the same.