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February 16, 2020
Explosion Proof AC

In most cases, you will make a choice between wall split systems and a monoblock window. These species are considered the most affordable and will cope with their task of cooling your premises. The cheapest is a window-type air conditioner. If you have a minimum of financial resources, then there is no alternative. Split systems are somewhat more expensive, but in terms of functions, they are much better. They have a full-fledged control panel, they easily and simply fit into the design of the room, emit a lower noise level. With the help of split systems, you can cool a room of any size. For example, country houses, trading floors, office and storage facilities. But for the proper arrangement of the equipment, a qualified manager-consultant should help you. He will tell you how best to place your split system. With the Explosion Proof AC this is important.

Explosion Proof AC

Window air conditioners are the most common type of climatic equipment

Almost every major manufacturer has models of any capacity. These are models from 1.5 kW to 6 kW. Inexpensive window models only cool the air in the room, and more expensive models, if necessary, can also be used as a heater, since they have a built-in room heating system.

  • The main disadvantages of window air conditioners that you will encounter will be increased noise and obstruction of the window opening. And the advantages include a small price and ease of installation because it will be possible to do without special tools. Window type air conditioners deservedly take the second place in popularity after split-systems.

Another type of air conditioner is a floor or mobile air conditioner. This is the only device that does not require complex installation. Even a layman can install it. Portable air conditioners are mobile due to the small wheels at the base. They are easy to move throughout the apartment as needed. To remove excess heat, mobile models have a flexible hose, which must be taken outside. This can be done through a window or a special hole in the wall. The disadvantage of mobile floor systems will be increased noise and low cooling power compared to the above models. And for the price, mobile air conditioners are equal to entry-level split systems.

There are mobile models of air conditioners like split systems when the main noisy unit is brought out of the room. And the blocks are connected to each other also through a hose-duct. This results in less noise and increased comfort.

According to consumers of the energy center, almost half of the amount you pay for utility bills comes from heating and cooling your home

This explains why homeowners are always looking for new ways to reduce these costs. In 1980, Toshiba developed an inverter air conditioner. Proponents claim that this technology saves between 30 and 50 percent of the cost of home cooling. Inverter air conditioners in Odessa are good because they have high energy efficiency. As a result, they provide 40% savings in energy consumption compared to conventional air conditioners.

Choosing an air conditioner while limiting your budget is not easy

After all, this equipment cannot be called cheap. It is worth it decently. In this situation, in most cases there are basically two options – this is the installation of an air conditioner for the entire apartment or for one room.