The Best of Usages with Aloe Vera

January 27, 2020
acemannan aloe vera

Severe burn injuries are extremely painful and are often associated with disabilities, mental illnesses and even death. The treatment is still considered to be particularly problematic. However, there are now several studies that have shown that aloe vera gel has an effective effect on burn injuries. With the acemannan aloe vera use, you can come up with the best details now.

The Examples

Dr. Khorasani and his team from Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences compared whether aloe vera gel works better than silver sulfadiazine, the most commonly used wound care product for burn injuries worldwide. Undesirable side effects include permanent graying of the skin, a delay in skin regeneration and chronic skin inflammation.

30 patients with second-degree burns participated in the study. Prof. Khorasani and his team treated each patient with one burn with silver sulfadiazine and another with pure aloe vera powder. All those burns that were treated with aloe vera healed three days faster than those that were treated with silver sulfadiazine.

Further studies carried out at the same university have also shown that aloe vera gel can lead to better wound healing after surgery:

Aloe vera accelerates wound healing after surgery

Dr. Eshghi and his colleagues divided 49 patients who underwent hemorrhoid surgery into a placebo group and an aloe group. The researchers found that wound pain in those subjects who were treated with aloe vera cream three times a day improved significantly over the course of two days.

acemannan aloe vera

Even after 2 weeks, there was still a difference, even though the patients in the aloe group were given much fewer pain relievers. Furthermore, her wounds had healed well after 14 days, while half of the wounds in the placebo group had not yet healed and were even inflamed.

The scientists see no reason why an aloe vera cream should only accelerate wound healing after hemorrhoid surgery and are of the opinion that wound treatment with aloe vera (e.g. in the care sector or after radiation therapy) could in principle become the standard.

Aloe vera relieves skin reactions after radiation

Radiation therapy for cancer is often associated with severe skin irritation or open wounds. As a result, both the success of therapy and the quality of life of cancer patients are severely affected.

A study published in the Indian Journal of Palliative Care examined how the aloe vera gel affects radiation-induced skin changes. The subjects included 57 patients with head or neck tumors who received radiation therapy. While the test group was externally supplied with the gel, the control group only received the standard treatment.

The investigations showed that the skin irritation in those patients who were treated with the aloe vera gel occurred later and was less serious. In addition, a later radiation cycle showed that the aloe group had less pain.

Aloe vera can also be used excellently for skin diseases such as dermatitis and psoriasis, which most doctors classify as incurable:

Aloe vera subsides psoriasis

On the occasion of World Psoriasis Day 2013, the German Psoriasis Association announced that around a quarter of patients are now avoiding conventional medical advice because they do not feel understood or well treated. A whole range of medications (e.g. corticoids) are prescribed, but they often have no effect at all and/or are associated with serious side effects.