The House and the Purchase: Easy Terms for You

October 13, 2019
Long Beach CA homes for sale

Before you bid on a house you must do your homework. Otherwise you don’t know how much you have to bid.

Make an offer for a house, that’s how you determine the opening bid

Long Beach CA homes for sale

Bid at home

You ask yourself: what is a good offer for a house? If you want to make a bid it is good to know how much you can bid. You can calculate yourself how much you can borrow, but you can also go over your financial situation for free by telephone with one of my advisers. Then you have more certainty and together we can determine what the maximum financial offer could be. Will you not continue with me after this conversation? At the Long Beach CA homes for sale you can have the smartest option.

Bid on the house

Before you bid on a house, you must collect background information, especially if you are completely in love with that one house. A few objective figures will then help you to stand with both feet on the ground again. For example, the home value is very important. Read more here about how you can determine the home value. You can borrow a maximum of 100% of the home value for your mortgage. Everything that you offer up there must therefore be supplemented with your own money.

Bid at home

You can also find out through the website how long a house is for sale. You can also find other houses in the neighborhood and recently sold houses. At the Land Registry you can request the details of these sold houses for a small amount, such as the price for which it was sold. This way you can probably make a good estimate of the price per square meter.

Bid at home

Try to find out through the selling agent why the house is being sold. If the sellers have already bought another house, they are often in a hurry.

Bid on the house

Also have a chat with people in the neighborhood. Explain that you may want to buy a house. Ask them for their opinion on house prices. People always like to talk about this.

Immediately more chance of the house

Do you want to increase the chance that your offer is accepted? That is possible with my Bid Certificate!

An opening bid: more than one strategy

Making an offer for a house, how that works depends very much on the market. Are the houses for sale for a long time, or is there fighting over every house? At the moment, this depends on where you want to buy a house. The strategy that we are discussing here is about places with a normal housing market. Do you want to make an offer on the place where it is a madhouse? Then read my article about bidding on a house in a tight market.

The selling broker can also become your friend

The broker has two conflicting interests: On the one hand, he wants the highest possible price. On the other hand, he does not want to spend too much time selling a house. Try to get into conversation with him / her. Has an offer been made in the past? How high was that? How are the owners in the negotiation? If you make a bid to the selling broker, he is obliged to pass this on to the seller. Make sure you get as much information as possible in advance.

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