Top free movie site with thousands of movies in your favorite genre

December 30, 2019
genres movies

Watching movies online is an ideal way to kill some time and boredom while sitting in the comfort of your home. There are various sites where you can enjoy your preferred genres movies at no cost, and today we are going to give you some details of such a site, AFDAH.TO. We talked about this site in our previous article, and there we told you how to access the website from Amazon Firestick 4K – now, we will start from right there.

genres movies

AFDAH: the best genre movie site you can find

So, when you first load it in you’re going to see the home, help, info, and all of the genres, like action, fantasy, romance, adventure, sci-fi, animation, history, biography, horror, sports, comedy, music, talk show, crime, musical, thriller, documentary, mystery, war, drama, news, western, family, and reality. Underneath that, it has all of the movies alphabetically placed from A through Z, and then you have their rating from 0 to 9, if the film starts with a number. The good thing about using an in-home web browser is you don’t necessarily have to have any separate apps like Mouse toggle; it already has a toggle feature, especially if you’re using it on an Amazon device. You can scroll around and scroll down, and you can see some of the blockbuster movies, like The Fast and The Furious, Toy Story 4, Yesterday, and Spider-Man Far From Home. If you keep scrolling down, you’re going to get a notice that this site does not upload or host any movies or videos other than listing them for your convenience, and therefore you cannot hold it responsible for kind of legal copyright issues or other compliances. So what this means is you’re only going to be streaming the films and videos in this site, and you’re not allowed downloading or torrenting by any means. You just need to search around a little bit, and you should find the best of the best HD quality streams on this site very easily. So that way, when you pick and select the movie, you can get the best quality movie streaming to your device real quick. We are going to scroll up, and now let’s pick any random film to see how it plays. Click on that one time, and it’s going to bring you right on the movie page. Here on this page, you’re going to scroll down a little, and you’ll find out that it’s already highlighted in HD. Now, if you click on play, and let’s say if you use the silk web browser – you will get a pop-up. That’s the reason I recommended using Firefox only, as then you’re not going get any pop-ups. Now, once it is playing, you can also make it bigger by clicking down, and it will make it bigger. In case the movie doesn’t play right away due to internet connectivity problems or any other reasons, then you have to try other servers. The default server is server one, but there are server two and server three for you to choose if you are not getting the perfect quality from the default server.