Types of Crystals and their Healing Benefits

February 9, 2019

Power of Crystals

The power of crystals is known from an ancient civilization, and they are having a strong connection with Sun, Moon and the Oceans present on Earth. During the dawn of civilization, they were mainly used by shamans, priests and healers to combat the vibration of illness or amplify their present state of health. Today experts are re-discovering this unique process to make the journey of people smooth and deal the future situations with ease. Each crystal is single and has distinctive properties which play an essential part in the treatment or healing med sten og krystaller cbd og cbn, samt cbg process, by Reiki practitioners which includes quartz crystals to balance the energy in their room and assist channelling of universal life energy.

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Types of Crystals and their Benefits:

 There are thousands of crystals available in different forms, sizes and beautiful colours, but only a few are used to bring out the possible changes in every day working life that has spiritual power. The main crystals that are used in the treatment process are mentioned below with their properties:

Red Crystals: They are used to stimulate, activate and energize the levels of one’s ability to deal with their daily practical skills, physical survival skills, to motivate and protect from any sudden disaster. For example, Ruby is red in colour, this precious crystal acts as an energizing agent at the heart center, and balances all the side effects.

Pink Crystals: They are gentle and subtle to push things towards a resolution. It primarily deals with emotions and sensitivity that are part of daily lives. For example, Rose quartz is best known pink crystal that works with properties of calming and reassuring effects. It is also known as unconditional love, initiates to express self-love and also attracts love from others.

White Crystals: These are also known as clear stones, which can reflect all energies present around them. They are merely related to the concepts of clarity, purification, and cleansing. For example, Clear Quartz is one of the white crystals that is mainly used in the treatment process, meditation and manifesting. It is useful in reliving emotions from the abdomen and improves the digestive system. Hence a Moonstone works better when in contact with a person who is suffering from imbalance fluid systems in his body.

Violet Crystals: They are useful to inspire, imagination, empathy and excellent sense of service to others. These violet and purple crystals are good to rebalance the extreme systems of the body. For example, Amethyst is used universally as an all-purpose healing crystal that enhances the intuition and psychic powers. It is suitable for lucid dreaming and meditation as it helps to keep the mind calm and allows finer perceptions to become clear.

Yellow Crystals: They are useful to increase the function of the digestive, nervous and immune system of the body. Stress, fear, and happiness are linked to this crystal. For example, Amber is a yellow coloured crystal that is beneficial to deal with self-healing processes and the nervous system.


So did you find the colour crystal that can help you in the self-healing process? If not, then check for them with your healer advisor and note down the properties of crystals mentioned above and choose the one that suits to you to perform your daily tasks in an organized manner and stay healthy and calm. Wear them to empower your inner strengths and combat any life situation with ease.