Your Options for the online business in uae

March 13, 2020
online business in uae

In case you did not suspect it yet, we already tell you: an online store does not mount in a month. You simply cannot: do the market research, come up with a business model, find suppliers, ask them for a budget, send it to you, renegotiate with them so that the accounts come out, take those accounts, and hire the technology provider. Come on, by proxy you can, but with few guarantees and risking that unemployment that you are thinking of capitalizing on. For the online business in uae this is important.

online business in uae

Setting up an online store is one of the most common possibilities. For this, the experts advise: to think about what product you could sell; see how you were going to make money; search and find providers; testing the products of those suppliers; select the products that will finally be sold; do the market research. We are going to let the imagination fly and accompany you in this exciting process. Let us begin.

The product is the first step?

See what product you are going to sell. Start mulling over what options you can think of for the store. Some options:

Aprons for cooking: Because you love a store that sells, that, aprons. They take the apron as a fashion element, with their own designs nothing to put a drawing or print a photo.

Raincoats to ride a bicycle: Because they are in the catalog of an American clothing company for women cyclists that you had an eye on.

Touch pens for tablets: Because you had read an article on the blog of the digital edition of the American technology magazine Wired Gadget Lab that you consult frequently. He was talking about a quality German touch pen.

Safety straps for kids: Because you had seen it in a television episode of Modern Family before your daughter started walking and you thought it was silly. And now that your daughter is walking, it seems like a better idea.

You already have it.

You go around all these proposals and in the end, you keep the touch pens. The idea you like the most is the one you have read on Wired and you are now reading it with new eyes. You had always thought that there was life beyond Apple products and that products for iPad users are boring, but not for other tablets and brands.

The article in question referred to a German product: AluPen. So you look it up on the Internet and write to the commercial address to tell them that you are interested in becoming a distributor. Seeing it reminds you of the plastic decor you used to play with as a child. It is an original design of the brand and it is expensive: 24.95 euros, without VAT and without shipping costs. Well, now you have a place to start. Will they also make it in China?

The Idea, On a Napkin

This is the first thing you write on a napkin. You are not clear about anything else or what product, or who I am going to sell it to so you start thinking about it. Premium pens? China pens? For executives? For graphic artists? For children? You are clear that a business is a good product at a good price with someone on the other side willing to pay for it and all through a channel that works.