How to Purchase Web Hosting Services

May 24, 2019
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Shared hosting is about allowing many sites (which can even count in the thousands) to share the resources of a single server. As the server is thus simultaneously occupied by a large number of sites, the costs relating to this option are considerably reduced and are thus in between $ 5 to $ 10 per month.

Although economically, this choice has a certain advantage, it presents a very challenging problem. Indeed, if one of the sites is very busy, it will monopolize a larger part of the memory and will, therefore, to the operation of the other sites whose speed of loading will be reduced.

However, if the loading speed is not a particularly important factor in your case, shared hosting can be a good idea. The focus here is on sites that are under development, sites that are not highly complex in configuration, and sites with low or average traffic levels. There are many reputed organizations فروش هاست web hosting services.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting, on the other hand, works much the same way as shared hosting. The first difference with the latter is that server sharing is only done with 20 websites, which is significantly less than in the previous option.

In a second time, this type of hosting avoids the inconvenience of seeing the speed of loading of its site slowed down due to too much traffic on another site, because all the sites which are hosted on the server benefit from the same part of memory. Regarding the configuration of a website, the possibilities are also much larger with VPS hosting, which is a major advantage. Regarding the price of VPS hosting, it varies between $ 80 and $ 450 per month.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting, for its part, consists of hosting only one site per server, which is mainly used for sites with a high monthly traffic rate (several tens of thousands of visitors) and only for those whose confidentiality of information is vital. In addition, large companies prefer this type of hosting because it provides high-level protection against the potential attacks of hackers. As a price, dedicated hosting will cost about $ 125 per month.

Even though dedicated hosting seems to be better than VPS hosting, it’s important to know that the best version of VPS hosting can surpass the performance of dedicated hosting, provided of course, to put the price.

فروش هاست

Free hosting: but what is it?

As the name suggests, free hosting is a free space on a server. Of course, the one who provides the space needed to host your website will still make money through this service by putting an advertising space on your site. Note, however, that this solution is more suitable for hosting a page than a website.

How to define your web hosting needs

Before choosing one type of accommodation over another, it is important to think carefully about several things, including:

  • Your monthly budget;
  • The traffic of your site per day;
  • The times when the level of traffic is highest;
  • Your needs for technical support;
  • Your data privacy needs.

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