People love movies because they make people feel something

May 4, 2020

Every one love watching movies, and in Thai language ดูหนังออนไลน์ refers to watching movies online for free, and cinema is a means of communication where various good messages are conveyed to people, it is a meaningful and reliable way of communication. Movies have more popularity than other Media, literature people may know that literature is a mirror of life, likewise, movies are also the mirror of our lives because through the various characters of movies we can connect our character and the character of our friends, family, etc. movies create a great impact on the society.

Advantages of watching movies:


Socializing: Movies makes a socializing process, that is it mingles the strangers when a person watches a movie, he used to share his views about the movie to others through verbal communication or social media, it leads to a conversation and debate among the strangers, basically a movie is a communal act form that brings all the people together, even they have a different opinion about the movie.

The showcase of culture and art: Movies help the people to know more about the culture and art of their place, and also they may get to know the culture and tradition of the various countries throughout the world, by sitting at home and watching a film, a person may able to travel virtually to all the places, where he can’t be in his lifetime. Movies give us insights about the character of the people and their way of living, without movies we can’t know about some different things.

Movies inspire us: Movies helps us to know about some noble persons of the world, which inspires many young generations and the life of such persons induces the young generation to have an aim in their life, and achieve it through hard work. And the old age movies, in which the good win over the bad gives a positive thought to the people. All the movies are not inspirational, some movies give you a belief in life, and teach us how to overcome the struggles of life.

Disadvantages of watching movies:

Wastage of money and time: Not all the movies are worth to watch in theatres, some people eagerly watch every movie in theatres, it is nothing but a wastage of cost and time, this happens because people admired by the poster, ad, trailer, teaser and other marketing strategies of the movie and wants to watch the movie in the theatre. So the movie makers earn more money and at present not all the movies are good to watch but people watch it by wasting their money, time, efforts on something unworthy.

Addiction to movies: people addicted easily to a particular thing when they like it more, movie watching is also a kind of addiction, when people have a problem in their real life, instead of getting a real-life conclusion, people started to watch movies and addicted to it, this addiction is harmful to our health and mind. And people may start to focus on movies more, started to focus on the new movies, release dates, ticket booking, and downloading the movies, trailers of movies, wallpaper, etc. and we also watch movies by hearing the review of others.