The Python CSV Option for You Now

November 10, 2019
python csv writer

The interaction of man and computer today has become so simple that even a child can work with it. Using the mouse, we can literally point a finger at the computer with what to do. This is due to the operating system. The python csv writer happens to be essential there now.

As you know, a computer in its present form did not appear right away. The first computers were very bulky and expensive. They could be managed exclusively by professionals who clearly understood all the subtleties of their device and work. To control computers, special programs created using binary code were used. Windows or something like that did not exist then.

python csv writer

Since then, much has changed. Both computers themselves (their hardware) and programs for them went through an evolution. Today, a child of primary school age is able in several minutes to learn how to solve problems on a computer that previously would have taken a lot of time even from professionals. The interaction between man and computer has become so simple that everyone can work with it. Using the mouse (or, more simply, the mouse), we can literally point to the computer with our finger what to copy, move, cut, replace, rename, open, close, etc. The computer understands all our gestures, translating them into a language that is understandable to itself, independently performing calculations, saving the results on the hard drive, correctly using the resources of the processor, RAM and other devices that make up the system, and does not ask any unnecessary questions.

None of us even thinks about the fact that until recently, in order to force a computer to perform even an elementary task, it was necessary to draw up special action algorithms. This, in turn, required special knowledge, additional time and did not bring any pleasure.

Today, a person interacts with the computer hardware, not directly but through a special software layer, you take away the automatic solution of all tasks to ensure the harmonious operation of the computer (device CPU, memory, storage, etc.) And allows a person to manage convenient yourself in away. This software layer is the operating system.

Operating system

It is possible to understand what an operating system is and to realize its significance in a modern computer will be easier if you compare the computer with a person. In this case, the processor, motherboard, RAM, memory, power supply and other hardware included in its composition will be parts of the computer’s body. All these parts in the assembly are a single computer organism. It’s very difficult for a person to directly communicate with the hardware of a computer. The computer’s intelligence is the operating system. It makes all parts of the computer organism interact correctly with each other. It also interacts with the environment, in particular, with humans.

The presence of a computer operating system allows the user to comfortably communicate with the computer. He (the user) does not have to deal directly with the processor, RAM or other parts of the body and beg these glands to do something. A person turns to the mind of the computer, to its operating system, which understands the interlocutor at a glance and with ease makes the computer hardware subordinate to it to fulfill all the user’s requests.